Environmelntal principles

Currently, we are applying for the receipt of the Austrian eco-label and we would like to present you our environmental principles:

As an ecologically oriented company, we take responsibility for our environment very seriously and we strive to achieve improvements in all areas in order to obtain future generations a beautiful and healthy environment.

It is important to actively involve our guests in the environmental measures taken by us and to teach them the importance of environmental protection in detail. Our action aims to continuously pursue environmental protection and to improve it.

The following activities and areas are particularly important to us:

·         Member of operation the Climate Alliance from 2013

·         Information towards our guests, employees and the public about our environmental activities

·         motivation of our employees to environmentally compatible behavior through regular training in specific environmental areas (cleaning, waste separation)

·         encourage guests to actively participate in the implementation of our environmental program

·         efficient use of energy and water

·         prevention of waste through conscious purchasing of products

·         separation of unavoidable wastes

·         prevention of water pollution due to economical use of environmentally friendly detergents and cleanser

·         avoidance of pollution and hazardous substances in construction and renovation

·         purchasing products that cause an environmental award

All the requirements of the Austrian eco-label for tourism businesses are met from our side, so that we can communicate our environmental performances more to the public.  

This eco-label and the membership of the Climate Alliance provides consumers, public and private purchasers the possibility to recognize easier environmentally friendly products and their quality which has been checked against state-approved criteria.  

The goals of this eco-label will be actively pursued together with other members of the Business Tourism in Wels and the awareness of it will be strengthened to customers, partners and public. As a marketing group this will be even better to reach instead of a single operation.


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