Hotel Bayrischer Hof travel protection

Take advantage of the additional service of our two hotels and go on the safe side with your travel planning. Fully protected and saving many problems and concerns, this is our goal for you and your company!

Premiums staggering of travel protection:  

booking sumpremium
up to Euro 100,-5,-
up to Euro 200,-10,-
up to Euro 350,-15,-
up to Euro 500,-21,-
up to Euro 650,-27,-
up to Euro 800,-32,-
up to Euro 950,-38,-
up to Euro 1.000,-42,-
up to Euro 1.250,-45,-
up to Euro 1.400,-48,-
up to Euro 1.600,-52,-
up to Euro 1.800,-56,-
up to Euro 2.000,-60,-

When booking travel arrangements without protection, we can take no account of the stated reasons for withdrawal. We ask for your understanding in this matter. Thank you.


The travel protection comes into force in the following situations:

  • In case of illness prior to travel

  • In case of death in the immediate Family

  • In case of accident or breakdown before and during your journey to Wels

  • Involuntary lateness during arrival throughout road closures, avalanches, floods and other natural disasters, flight delays or flight cancellation


We request you to confirm all of the above cancellation reasons in writing (doctor confirming, authorities, police) to exempt you from cancellation fees.

Further information and payment forms can be obtained on request from our reception team.


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