dinner/ menu

We are providing you a small overview of our dinner menu




Beef tartare with baked quail egg, ruccola, toast and butter



Clear beef soup served with (unsweeted) sliced pancakes

Clear beef soup served with meat strudel

Creamy potato soup prepared in two different ways



small or big plate of mixed or green salad

small or big plate of mixed or green salad

fried pieces of turkey wrapped in cornflakes with fresh leaf salad and herb dressing


vegetarian dish:

Homemade spinach "spätzle" (noodles) with mushrooms in cognac sauce gratinated with mozzarella cheese


traditional dishes:

grilled pork chop with herb butter, vegetables and fresh fries

"Wiener Schnitzel" pan fried escalope of pork or turkey in bread crumbs served with parsley potatoes or french fries

"Bayrischer Hof Pan" - Roasted filet of pork, turkey and beef in pepper sauce with fresh vegetables and croquettes

Roasted spare ribs with homemade barbeque sauce and potato wedges

Grilled pork chop with herb butter, potato wedges and vegetables

Grilled mix of pork, beef and turkey with mediterranean vegetables, herbbutter and rosmarin potatoes



sous vide cooked salmon with wild garlic risotto and tomatoes



Austrian Premium beef steak with homemade pepper sauce or herb butter (your side dish at your choice: hash browns / french fries / potatoe wedges / baked potatoe with dip / broccoli florets / seasonal vegetables / leaf salad)



sweet pancake stuffed with ice cream and served with chocolate sauce


Homemade mango-panna-cotta with passion fruit - pineapple salad and coconut foam

Steamed chocolate pudding with rum chocolate served with almonds and whipped cream




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